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glass beer bottles

  1. Let’s Tailgate with a Summer Craft Beer

    By: Lauren Wineman This summer let’s take a break and tailgate. Whether it’s a Pilsner, a Lager or another style, kick back and relax with your favorite craft beer. The flavor of the beers you choose should be able to stand up, but not overwhelm the foods you pair with them. When tailgating, there’s usually plenty of food to come...
  2. Happy Holidays from BOB - Enjoy 10% off glass bottles

  3. Top Four Reasons Why BOB Loves Glass Beer Bottles

    Happy Memorial Day weekend! Memorial Day is a federal holiday dedicated to remembering and honoring those who have sacrificed their lives while serving in the U.S. Armed Forces. Many families gather to celebrate those who have served our country with get-togethers and cookouts that typically involve drinking a few beers. This Memorial Day weekend, while you’re enjoying those ice-cold beverages...
  4. Introducing the New BuyOurBottles

    BOB is excited to share some news with you! After five years, I decided it was time for a makeover. Don't worry – I didn't shave my beard! In addition to my new look, I've launched a new, interactive website that will help me serve you better. Some of the most impactful changes for craft brewers ordering glass beer bottles...

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