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New 12oz Flint (Clear)
Beer Bottle from BOB


By: Paula Polei

BOB is excited to welcome a 12oz flint (clear) bottle to his portfolio of craft beer bottles! The Clear Peak is the first flint bottle to be offered on the BOB site.

Manufactured in the U.S. using 100 percent and endlessly recyclable flint glass, the 12oz Clear Peak bottle with twist-off closure is now available for purchase on the BOB site.

With the expansion of products packaged in flint glass bottles, craft brewers, craft soda and cider customers, and functional beverage and kombucha customers can benefit from brand differentiation with a trusted package that fully protects the flavor of their beverage.

Excel Bottling Company Inc., based in Illinois, recently began using the new Clear Peak bottle for its flavored soda brands.

“We have been really pleased with the quality of the glass, the outstanding customer service and the support from Ardagh Group since we started using them for all of our glass needs,” said Mitch Reed, Operations Manager at Excel Bottling Company Inc.

Photo courtesy of Excel Bottling Company, Inc.

Interested in a sample bottle? Request a sample today.


2017 Summer Craft Beer Releases


By: Paula Polei

Now that the official beginning of summer is just around the corner, many of BOB’s craft beer friends have their summer seasonal beers available. BOB wanted to share five highly recommended craft beer summer seasonals that are perfect for your neighbor’s bonfire or backyard BBQ. If you are in the right location near these awesome breweries, I hope you’ll take a minute to pick up one of these fine craft beers this summer.

1. Schlafly’s Path of Totality
Schlafly is commemorating this summer’s solar eclipse (the first coast-to-coast solar eclipse since 1918) with a special Path of Totality pack (the path of the eclipse that will experience total darkness) for its Helles Lager. Beginning this month, craft beer lovers can purchase the special edition in glass bottles in six and 12-packs, and included with your beer is a pair of solar glasses to safely watch the phenomenon.

Schlafly’s Helles Lager is a bright, golden beer, perfect for summertime. The malts give the brew a fresh, grain character, while the German Noble hop, lends a mild lemony, spicy flavor. Helles Lager derives from the German word “Helles,” which translates as “light” and “Lager,” meaning “to store.” So, this summer raise a glass to this once in a lifetime event with Schlafly’s Helles Lager.

2. Upland’s Petal to the Kettle Ale
Upland Brewing Company has a new specialty brew, Petal to the Kettle, available in six-packs and draught this summer. This brew uses the process of kettle souring, meaning the brewery uses a quick overnight lactic fermentation to create a clean, mild acidity, which adds a refreshing quality to the beer.

Fermented right in the kettle, Petal to the Kettle includes dried hibiscus and rose petals added to the boil process for botanical notes that complement the tart, citrusy character of the lactic fermentation. The strawberry puree is added toward the end of the fermentation to add depth to an already fruity profile. Be sure to grab one of these delicious, yet tart craft beers before the summer ends.

3. Yazoo Brewing’s Summer Seasonal
Yazoo Brewing has a Summer Seasonal that is a take on a very old German style of wheat beer. This year, Yazoo tried something different with the brew, using a technique they had never tried before. Using the same kettle souring technique as Upland uses for its Petal to the Kettle Ale, Yazoo soured a portion of the unfermented beer with several different strains of lactobacillus, the type of probiotic bacteria found in Greek yogurt. This light-bodied ale uses just enough wheat to provide a slight citrus flavor that is complimented well with fresh ground coriander and sea salt. This summer beer is a must-try if you are looking for the perfect blend of lemony tartness and sea salt.

4. O’Fallon’s Daze of Summer
O’Fallon Brewery has a new summer seasonal that delivers a delicious balance of sweet and tart in both bottles and draught. O’Fallon’s Daze of Summer is a wheat beer that is refreshed with a pink-lemony essence. The brewery uses Lemondrop hops for aroma, along with real lemons for a fresh-squeezed citrus taste, and lemon zest for even more zest. The color of the brew is reminiscent of pink lemonade and is just perfect for the summer. So, if you love lemons, this brew is perfect for you.

5. Zipline Brewing’s Hibiscus Saison
Zipline Brewing is celebrating summer this year with its Hibiscus Saison. This refreshingly tart and light-bodied sessionable farmhouse ale includes wonderful aromas of rose pedals and hibiscus flowers. The brew pours a beautiful pink color with a little haze, and has a very distinctive aroma with the hibiscus flowers and the frenchy yeast. This brew will become available mid-summer, so be sure to pick up a six-pack near you.

Summer is the season where memories are made, so we hope you’ll try one of these awesome craft beers and make some new discoveries. If you do, we invite you to stop back by and tell us your thoughts on these brews.


Customer Spotlight: Four Saints Brewing Company


By: Paula Polei

In a previous blog, we mentioned the importance of Craft Beer Guilds and how you can make many new friends by your affiliation with these associations. In fact, that’s how we became friends with this month’s brewery spotlight, Four Saints Brewing Company. We caught up with Andrew Deming, Owner/Chief Operator/Head Brewer at Four Saints Brewing Company, to talk to him about his brewery.

What’s the story behind your brewery’s name/brand?
Our name refers to the four patron saints of beer/brewing – Saint Nicholas, Saint Augustine, Saint Wenceslaus and Saint Luke. Each one of these saints has some association to beer, brewing or ingredients. There is also the reference to the four beer ingredients: Water, Malt, Hops and Yeast. They are the true heroes.

What makes Four Saints Brewing Company unique?
We are the only brewery in Asheboro, North Carolina (a dry town until 2008). As such, we don’t have to only brew one style of beer, have some crazy theme or do all the things required of breweries in crowded markets to differentiate themselves. We are what we are, and we brew a wide range of classic and modern styles. We have a large, comfortable taproom and a great local following.

Where do you see Four Saints Brewing Company in the next five years?
Wow, that’s a tough one. We are currently at a crossroads. We need to expand to meet production demands, but want to do so in a controlled manner that keeps profitability in sight. We will most likely have drastically increased our production capacity in five years. Building a new larger production brewery is a possibility, but we still need to decide if that’s the direction we want to go.

If you had a list of best-kept craft beer secrets (websites, books, etc.) you’d recommend, which would you include and why? is an excellent informal resource for knowledge and networking with others. Also, The New Brewer magazine from the Brewers Association is an excellent resource for new trends and technical info. I would also recommend joining the American Society of Brewing Chemists (ASBC) and the Master Brewers Association of Americas (MBAA).

Any last words?
It took me 20 years of working jobs I hated to find brewing. The old saying of finding a job you love and never working a day in your life is 100% correct.

We encourage you to stop by Four Saints Brewing Company the next time you are in Asheboro, North Carolina. Pull up a seat at their taproom and try an Omie Blonde Ale, German Hefeweizen, Stout One or one of their year-round beers.