Frequently Asked Questions

What is the normal lead time for an order?

Orders normally arrive within three to five business days of the order date. Pick-up orders placed before 3:30p.m. CT are normally ready for pick-up on the next business day.

Where will my bottles ship from?

BOB’s bottles ship from the closest of the four warehouses listed below:

Ainsley Superior Warehouse
2748 W Entry Rd
Baldwinsville, NY 13027

Gateway Warehouse of Georgia
50 Kent Drive
Cartersville, GA 30121

Universal Warehouse
3700 Cleon Street
Suite A
St Louis, MO 63118

Hydra Warehousing Inc.
4601 Florin Perkins Road
Suite 200
Sacramento, CA 95826

You can also arrange your own freight directly from any of the warehouses above.

What if I need my bottles delivered outside the continental United States?

Many of our customers outside of the continental US utilize international freight forwarding services. Freight forwarders are simply agents or exporters that move cargo to an overseas destination. Because they are already familiar with foreign and domestic import and export regulations/documentation, freight forwarding services can easily organize shipping direct from our warehouses to the non-continental US destination of your choice. For more information on freight forwarding, click here.

How long does it take to get a price quote?

BOB gives you instant price quotes. From the Products page, just click on the bottle you want, and click the Instant Quote button beneath the bottle description. From there, just fill in your desired quantity and zip code, and click Estimate Shipping.

What is the minimum order quantity?

The minimum order quantity is a single pallet. At this time, we’re unable to split or break pallets.

Does ship internationally? ships only to the lower 48 states, but we do have a number of international customers. Customers outside of the lower 48 can either arrange for a preferred carrier to pick up from any of our warehouses, or we can ship to a desired U.S. border location. From there, customers can arrange alternate freight to the final destination.

Are there any price breaks for larger orders?

The price per pallet stays constant, but our freight rates do change with additional quantities. Feel free to experiment using our Instant Quote function to determine the quantity that yields the best per pallet shipping rate to your location.

Can I schedule a delivery time?

If you’d like to schedule a delivery time, send us an email at once you’ve placed your order. We’ll have the driver contact you to schedule a delivery time.

Do I need a forklift?

All of our trucks are outfitted with liftgates, so you won’t need a forklift to unload your pallets. However, once the pallets are on the ground, you may need a pallet jack if the driver isn’t able to back up to the exact location where you want your pallet(s) stored.

What methods of payment are accepted?

We accept major credit cards and PayPal™.

Why do I need to upload a Resale or Tax Exemption certificate?

Because we don’t charge sales tax, we will need your resale or tax exemption certificate in order for you to purchase bottles from us.  If that is not provided, then, unfortunately, we cannot sell bottles to you.

Does offer crowns (caps) or corks? does not offer crowns (caps) or corks, but they can be purchased from most any brewing supply store or website.

How do you ship the bottles that aren’t in cases?

Bottles not in cases are shipped in “bulk.” A bulk pallet is built by first placing a thin, rigid fiber sheet on top of a wooden pallet to create a flat surface. Then, a layer of standing bottles is placed on the sheet. Another fiber sheet is placed on top of the bottles, and another layer of standing bottles is placed on that sheet. This process is repeated for four or five layers depending on the specific bottle. A wooden frame is then placed on top of the last layer of bottles, and the whole stack is wrapped tightly in industrial plastic. Heavy duty plastic straps are then used to add stability to the entire bulk pallet.

Can I buy green or blue bottles? offers a selection of amber and clear bottles for purchase by the pallet.

Can I buy bottles with a twist-off finish? offers the 12oz Clear Peak bottle with a twist-off finish and the 64oz Growler with a twist on/off finish. The 12oz Heritage, 12oz Pinnacle, 22oz Bomber, 500ml EURO, 500ml Vichy and 750ml Belgian Crown for purchase by the pallet have pry-off finishes. The 750ml Belgian Cork can only be corked and caged.

Are there any additional bottles available for purchase?

If you’d like to order bottles other than the ones featured here, feel free to browse the catalog at There you’ll find additional bottles available for purchase by the 53’ truckload (not by the pallet).

Are your bottles manufactured using recycled glass?

Yes, every glass bottle manufactured by Ardagh Group is made from 100% natural, sustainable raw materials – recycled glass, limestone, soda ash and silica sand. Glass has been and will always be 100% infinitely recyclable without any loss of quality and purity, and glass recycling is a closed-loop system, creating no additional waste or by-products.