BOB is excited to welcome two new 500ml beer bottles to his portfolio of craft beer bottles! Both the 500ml EURO and 500ml Vichy bottles are manufactured in the U.S. out of high-quality, traditional amber glass. Eco-friendly and 100% recyclable, these sleek bottles with a crown/pry-off closure are perfect for 16.9 ounces of your favorite craft brews. 500ml_euro_bottle 500ml_Vichy_bottle The 500ml EURO and 500ml Vichy bottles are offered in Natural Kraft 12-pack cases with partitions. The 500ml EURO bottle is packaged 68 cases with 816 bottles to a pallet, while the 500ml Vichy bottle is packaged 80 cases with 960 bottles to a pallet. Interested in a sample bottle? Request a sample today. Cheers!