whole·sale /ˈhōlˌsāl/

Noun: The selling of goods in large quantities to be retailed by others.

 For as long as BOB can remember, microbrewers have lived with the same three basic options to purchase beer bottles:

  •  Small Quantities from Retailers
  • Medium to Large Quantities from Distributors
  • Large Quantities from the Manufacturer

 Of course, as costs pass down from manufacturer to distributor, and from distributor to retailer, the price per bottle rises.  Historically, this has meant “The smaller the quantity, the greater the markup,” an unfortunate reality that undoubtedly put the little guy at a disadvantage.

But what if there was an alternative? Something that could disrupt the “less costs more” wholesale beer bottle formula? A place where microbrewers could purchase pallet quantities direct from the manufacturer?  Wonder no more. Welcome to BuyOurBottles.com.

 As both the manufacturer AND the vendor, BuyOurBottles.com (BOB) is an innovative combination of price, convenience, and quantity for the small microbrewer. Buying from BOB means bypassing middlemen and their price increases while still getting immediate practical volumes to meet space, bottling, and budgetary needs. It’s today’s simple prescription for yesterday’s nagging wholesale beer bottle condition. “But isn’t BuyOurBottles.com just a cleverly disguised wholesale beer bottle site?” one might ask. Hardly. Unlike traditional wholesale agreements,

  • BOB doesn’t require large quantities.
  • Bottle prices aren’t dependent on quantity.
  • BOB offers minimum quantities as small as a single, half-height pallet.

The only thing “wholesale” about BuyOurBottles.com is that BOB changes the idea of the whole sale of bottles to today’s microbrewer.