The best part about working in the craft beer industry is the brewers. I've never encountered a group of people more passionate about their craft (pun intended). No matter their age, state, net income, or barrel capacity, each brewer BOB encounters is driven primarily by the love of what they do. When all too often business eclipses pleasure in the workplace, craft brewers are a breath of fresh air with talk of their knowledge and vision and to what lengths they hope to see it grow. In return, there’s a certain pride we feel in helping this vision come to fruition.

Just recently, I traveled to a prospective buyer’s brewery to discuss pricing on a rather large shipment of bottles. Despite the previously agreed upon duration of our meeting, our conversation went well beyond the allotted time and didn't even touch on the subject of pricing until over an hour into our chat. Instead, he educated me on Porters. That’s right – Porters. In what other industry would you find a business owner who values the substance of the product as much, if not more than the apparent business at hand? This is the stuff of artists, not traditional businessmen. And this is a common attitude – so much so that I've heard a number of stories about craft brewers having to turn away prospective interns despite their willingness to work FOR FREE! These guys just want to chase their passion with an almost secondary concern for the economics of the pursuit.

So where does the passion come from? Brewers, you tell me. My best guess is that it’s based somewhere in the marriage of the art of brewing, its primal beginnings, and the pride that comes with calling something your own. Regardless, it’s a pleasure to work with folks who take pleasure in their work.