by Rebecca Patrick

With the holiday season quickly approaching, searching for gifts may be making its way on your to-do list. However, gift shopping can be much more fun when beer gets involved. Here are a few suggestions to kick-start your search for the beer fan in your life!


Beertone is like a paint sample booklet providing a guide to 202 Swiss beers, notably featuring each beer’s beautiful color. This makes a great treasure for the beer lover in your life, and it also provides a lot of detailed information about the various beers ranging from the style to the recommended pairing and serving temperature.

Peter Cotton Ale – Now with More Hops Tee

The craft beer world does such a great job with beer puns, and this t-shirt is no exception. Be prepared to walk around eagerly waiting for those you meet to get the pun. Also, be aware that the ladies’ sizes run about one size small.

Moleskine Beer Journal

Even if you don’t usually make written notes of beers you enjoy at home or when out with friends, this journal would be perfect when traveling or on vacation. This would especially be useful when sampling beers you normally don’t have access to at home yet want to keep notes about to help preserve your memory. On a recent trip to Wyoming, I took notes about various beers using my iPhone, but I would have enjoyed having a notebook like this to remember the beers I tried.

Walnut Six Pack Carrier

Do you live within biking distance of a grocery or package store, but have a hard time trying to get your six-pack back home? This carrier is perfect for bike rides to and from your local liquor store, and can even be reused to carry other things on your bike like an umbrella on a cloudy day.

Spiegalau IPA Glass

Similar to most other drinks, beer benefits from being poured in glassware that enhances its characteristics. Pilsners are typically served in tall and lean glassware that highlight the sparkling nature of that style. The shape of a tulip glass brings out the scents of aromatic beers and supports foamy heads. This Spiegalau IPA glass has a unique shape that will catch the attention of any guests you have, and brings out the beauty of an IPA in a big way. The shape of the body highlights an IPA’s famously strong aromas. The shape of the stem brings in more air with every sip, letting a head remain on top for a longer period of time, which helps hold in those great scents even more.