Today there are so many craft beer options available that brands are having a difficult time getting noticed. Retailers are forced to choose carefully what craft beer they will sell, because they don’t have infinite shelf space.

In 2016, craft brewers debuted more than 1,800 new craft beers. In a world of thousands of craft beer options, package design means everything.

According to Nielsen’s Craft Beer Category Design Audit, 70% of American craft beer consumers make their purchase decisions at the store shelf, rather than in advance. And, 66% of consumers say that a beer’s package/label is “very” or “extremely” important for getting them to notice it.

Over the years, beer bottles have evolved significantly. From the traditional, longneck bottle to 22oz Bomber bottles and 500ml EURO bottles to Growlers, there are many options available to brewers.

Since BOB recently launched the 375ml Belgian Crown and 375ml Belgian Cork, he wanted to pay tribute to this unique bottle style.

Belgian Beer Bottles

In the U.S., Belgian beer is usually packaged in 750ml bottles similar to those used for Champagne. Some beers, usually lambics and fruit lambics, are also bottled in 375ml bottles. However, the rising popularity of sour beers and high-gravity beers is resulting in breweries packaging these craft beer styles in 375ml Belgian bottles. The great shelf appeal and premium packaging of the 375ml bottles are perfect for these special brews.

During the 2017 Craft Brewers Conference, breweries told BOB that they wanted to use Belgian-style bottles, but were finding it difficult to purchase American-made bottles. BOB decided it was time to fix that. Now, breweries can purchase four different Belgian bottles from BOB, all proudly made in the U.S.

375ml Belgian Crown

375ml Belgian Cork

750ml Belgian Crown

750ml Belgian Cork

So, if you think it’s time to upgrade your packaging so your product has mass shelf appeal, then check out BOB’s request a sample and see how our Belgian bottles could complement your brand.